Fur Real Fun Services

Complimentary Meet & Greet

The complimentary meet & greet gives us a chance to get acquainted. During our meeting will go over the care and needs of your pet(s) including discussing their routine and any special needs that they might have.
We will also go over the service agreement and where items needed for pet care are kept in your home.
At this time you will be required to give us a set of house keys and alarm codes if needed.

Complimentary Services

Each pet sitting services includes the following:

  • feeding
  • fresh water
  • plant watering (a reasonable number)
  • bringing in mail, newspaper, packages
  • giving medications
  • cleaning litter box
  • cleaning up any messes made by pets
  • potty breaks
  • taking the trash out
  • outdoor fish feeding
  • photos/videos/texts/emails/phone check-ins of your pet as many times as you would like on a daily basis to see how happy they are

Dog Walking Services
Choose either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour

Dogs need exercise too! A nice walk during the day to break up the time while you are away is a great way for your dog to get some of the daily exercise needed to stay healthy. Choose from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your dog’s needs.

  • 30 min-$26.50
  • 45 min-$33.50
  • 1 hour $38.50

Pet Sitting Services
30 minutes

Multiple daily visits to your home to ensure your pets are doing well while you are away.  Fresh food, fresh water, outside time, playtime are all included.

  • 30 min drop in visit-$26.50

Mid Day Potty Break Service
10 minutes

A quick romp around the yard may be all that is needed during the day for your pet.  This will allow time for your pet to relieve themselves to carry on for the rest of the day until you are able to make it home.

  • Midday potty break-$18.50

Overnight Pet Sitting

This service provides the comfort of having me in your home to care for your pet(s). Whether they are young, old, special needs or have non-aggressive behavior such as separation anxiety. The schedule that you have them on is followed as to reduce any stress they may experience. Not only will your pet(s) be cared for but your home as well.

  • Starting at $85 per night

Cat Sitting Services
30 or 45 minutes

During a visit to your home with your cat not only will they get fresh food, fresh water, a clean litterbox and any medications needed they will also receive quality one on one time from me. Brushing, playtime, quiet time whatever their needs may be.

  • 30 min visit $24.50
  • 45 min visit $26.50

Chicken Sitting

This service includes letting the chickens out in the morning. Making sure they have food, scratch and fresh water. Then in the evening putting chickens up in their coops and collecting eggs.

  • $18.50 per day 


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