Frequently Asked Questions

  • A professional pet sitter will provide the love and attention your pet(s) need while you are away. You pet will be able to stay in their familiar surroundings and stay on their schedule. This reduces the trauma of being in a kennel or away from home. Your home will also be looked after. Your sitter should be insured and bonded.

    • Daily dog walks ranging in time from 30 minute to 1 hour. Depending on what you dog needs.
    • Drop-In pet visits while you are away to check and make sure all is ok. Fresh food and water will be provided along with potty breaks.
    • Overnight stays at your house to keep you pet(s) company while you are away. Also to make your home looked lived in for protection.
  • Generally payment is due upon the completion of the service. Cash or checks are the only forms of payment that are accepted.

  • It is recommended that a dog have a minimum of 3 visits per day and a cat have 1 visit per day. We understand that each pet is an individual and will work with you to accommodate the needs of that pet.

  • The pet sitter will bring the service contract and will go over it with you. Some of the information needed will be your contact information, emergency contact information, veterinarian’s name, location and phone number. Your pet(s) information. Information about your home.

  • The professional pet sitter will follow the instructions provided at the initial Meet & Greet and outlined in the service agreement.

  • The professional pet sitter will do their best at medicating your pet(s). There are some instances where the pet(s) will only allow the pet parents to medicate them. In that case contacting a vet tech who specializes in those procedures may be necessary.

  • Never choose a dog walker or pet sitter that is not insured or bonded. The insurance and bonding protects you from loss in the event that we are liable for accidents that occur while caring for your pet(s).